Why are you angry with me?


My Seagull

Why are you angry with me?

My beloved Seagull,
For your safety and security I established iron bars at the front of my balcony till the galaxies.
That hawks and enemy-birds would not be able to terrorize or to catch you.
In kindness I tied your beauty foot that by a mishap, you would not fall down through the gaps of the iron bars protection on the balcony below and be harmed by enemies.

No foreign cat or dog is permitted to pass along the street let not be they terrorize you.
Only proven vegetarian dogs and cats would have a passing visa through the other-side of the street, not allowed to linger more than moment.
I let you walk in the balcony area, safe and secured, freely looking over the city.
Everyday I put a basin of fresh water that you can drink and swim.
Such favor so that you wouldn’t have to use the dirty rough seas.
In errand very day I give you a piece of spicy well baked fish that you no more get in fight with the other enemy-birds for a small raw fish from the roaring threatening seas.

I let you to celebrate and sing 24 hours for my birthday.
I made a temple at the corner of the balcony that there you can give thanks to me as much as you like.

I made a paradise as Garden of Eden for you,
Why you are so angry with me my beloved seagull.

Always be grateful.