Music for freedom lovers

Music for freedom lovers

I heard very amazing music in the Vondel-Park Amsterdam.
I walked toward the source of the music.
A man was sitting on a bench, playing music.
I was mesmerized from his music.
I made some photos from him.
After finishing the piece, he asked:
He: Am I bothering people by playing here?
I : No, you amaze people.
I was at the other side. Hearing you from distance,
I walked a long way here to the source of music.
And there is an open café here, just behind those trees.
Most times people are talking loudly.
But now they all become ears, listening to your music.

Then we had a few moments chat.
He is a member of a Canadian musicians-group.
They have come for concerts in different cities in Holland.
The coming days they are going to Paris.
Today he wanted to do his daily exercise.
Every day of his life exercising and practicing!
The hotel receptionist had told him that he could play in the Vondel-Park.
Now he was worry that if he is bothering people.
And I assured him that people are enjoying his music.

He likes Holland very much. Such small country had attracted him.
But he had complaint about “Dog-shits” on the streets in Holland.
Every step people must be careful not putting a foot on a “dog-shit.
He did not believe that why such a nice small country
would not be able to solve the problem of “ Dog-shit”.

He said that also in many cities in Canada there are the same shitty problems.
He said also the streets of Paris are stained with “Dog-shit”.
Even the street of Shanz Elieze is a patch-work of different sorts of “Dogs-shits”

I told him that many in countries the streets are stained with blood of people.
The earth of those lands are a patch-work of blood and bone.
The blood and bones of people who dreamed freedom!
Freedom for just one minute sitting on a bench without threat and fear!
But in the entire history of their land,
they never got even one moment of freedom.
He sorrowfully said: Now I will play a piece for the freedom-lovers.
We shook hands to see-you-again in this small earth planet.
He started to play the piece for freedom-lovers.
Alas I hadn’t my video-camera with me.
The music for freedom-lovers filled the Vondel-Park.

I carried the sound of music for freedom with my soul
along the streets.
Rajab – May 2010