The Boy
The boy is standing on a bridge, a backpack at his back. His father was angry from his disobedience, thrown him out of the house for punishment. The Boy doesn’t want to return and ask forgiveness. The Boy is shivering from the cold and is hungry. No penny in the pocket, no more clothes. Where can he go? What can he do? He wants to walk in his own way. But where? He looks at the water on the river. The birds are flying around. He wishes to be a seagull. Yes a seagull flying around, capturing own bite and freely fly around. Fly over the sea-waves, over the clouds, no border, no wall, no command, and no order. * The Girl is sitting at the riverside, waiting for her mother to come and take her to their home. Mother will come from work every afternoon at 5:00 afternoon. The Girl comes after school, sits at the riverside, playing with her mobile phone, till her mother comes. But today mother is late, too late. The Girl is waiting, but Mother is not coming. Six O’clock! Mother is not coming. At six O’clock she is not coming. She never comes. She is in morgue now. An accident cost her life. * The Boy is standing near The Girl and looking at her. He wishes that he also would wait for someone. But he has no one to wait for. It is going to be dark. The mother of the girl hasn’t come. The Boy has no place to sleep. They walk alongside the riverside. The House of the girl is in darkness and cold. The Boy can open de window from outside. And both them get in through the window. No Mother to kiss, no Mother to warm, no Mother to feed. Mother is in the cold morgue, motionless and breathless and soulless. * The night is dark and cold. The Boy and The Girl are in the house of Mother. The Dawn in mist and fog! The Boy walks alongside a road. Where to go? He will find his own way. * The Young Boy works in carpentry. The Young Man works on a ship. The Man writes stories. The Boy Man is sitting in his own house drinking coffee, looking through the window at the riverside. He sees a Boy standing on the bridge, a backpack on his back.