A letter to my daughter Setareh

A letter to my daughter
Passing the borders
My Dear daughter Setareh,
Now 21st March 2005, you are reaching at 18 years of the age.
And it is a very special day in solar system and calendar.
Your birthday is the 1st day of the Spring season.
The day that nature stands up for creation.
The day that many nations celebrate it as the New-Year, New Era.
In your childhood you were such wise that always amazed me.
You grew such wise, intelligent and talent.
I am always proud of you.
Passing the borders of childhood,
then a teenage and reaching to the point of officially as an adult has no matter of fear, but encouragement!
Life without problems, without difficulties and without troubles is absolutely impossible.
Life is a colorful-combination of love, anger, laugh, sadness, happiness, fails and at last successes.
It is just life.
Sometimes life is sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes easy, sometimes tough.
Sometimes it is at the top and sometimes at bellow.
Just like the waves.
Just like entire of the existence!
Moving and creating!
It is just Life!
I am sure you never fear facing the troubles in the life.
I am sure you never become egoist on the top of your successes.
I am sure you never put down your dignity in the tough times.
You are self-confidence, self-respect and wise.
With all your efforts and talents you shall reach at the top of your desires.
Sure you know that the entire existence is a mirror for our life.
It reflects what we think, what we will, and what we do!
Sure you will do your best in good-ways to reach at the top of what you love.
Surely you will become successful and happy in your life.
This photo that is for your 18th birthday is named as: Passing the borders.
The flower passes the barbed-wires and irony borders to reach at the top,
towards the sunshine in a shiny-blue sky.
At the tope of the horizon She gives a bright smile to the world and to her success!
Your life be shiny, fruitful and successful!
Always my Love, my blesses, my heart and my mind are with you.
Your Father Rajab Mohamadin - March 2005