Wende Snijders

Wende Snijders, Open Theater Vondel park Amsterdam, 08 Aug 2010
I went to make only one or two photos from Wende Snijders performance as news.
But I found her a talent singer-performer,
so I did let my feeling go with her performance.
Enjoying her performance, I made more photos.

Note 1:
When I got to the Open Theater in Vondel-Park Amsterdam, It was crowded.
I had to push-away people a little and slowly reach in a point near the podium.
The point that I could stay was very difficult to shoot.
In front of me were standing numbers of tall people (185 -190 cm high).
Some of them had a compact-digital camera.
Their hands up with camera to make photos or video from the stage.
Some others had hands up for clapping as co-rhythm with the music.

Most the time they were blocking my view and my camera-lens.
Behind me there were standing a family with to young girls.
They were not tall and I had to be careful not blocking their view.
I had to move my lens in the gaps of the movements of the hands
and heads of tall people standing at my front.
Peeping for a jiffy chance to shot.
Most of the time standing on my toes.
While I had my heavy rucksack containing my equipments.

Mostly instead of the image of the performer, the head or hair or hand
of a person came in my cadre.

The wather: a moment was cloudy.
I adjusted my camera-diaphragm-speed for cloudy-light.
A second later become sunny.
So I had to change the diaphragm and shutter-speed and..
Then the next moment become cloudy…
The results of that are here.

Lisa Minnelli in the film Cabaret acted an amazing astonishing performance.
Such legend she is in that film!

Huge numbers of Lady singers-performers tried to imitate Lisa Minnelli.
Many had tried to copy her.
Many haven’t seen the film Cabaret, but the imitated the second hand imitators!
Other even imitated the third-hand imitators and so on.
But no one had reached the point of Lisa Minnelli in the film Cabaret.

I don’t know that if Welde Snijder has seen the film of Cabaret or she has watched
the second and third hands performers.

Wende Snijder is talent.
But she needs to learn and learn and learn and learn and learn……
The acting and performing of Lisa Minnelli in Cabaret is really a teaching class.
Lisa Minnelli stayed as a legend in that film.

I hope that Wende Snijder would watch the film Cabaret everyday
patiently and Would try to learn and learn and feed her own talent.
Cabaret: Directed by: Bob Fosse/1972,
Music: (John Kander - Fred Ebb) – Staring: Lisa Minnelli.