Mirczak & Gomulicki-WM gallery-1a

Katarzyna Mirczak & Maurycy Gomulicki
19 May - 01 July 2012
Gallery WM
Elandsgracht 35
1016 TN Amsterdam
'Brutal Ink' Polish Penitentiary Raw Tattoo
Katarzyna Mirczak & Maurycy Gomulicki
Both artists present two very different aspects of
the little-known world of the Polish raw tattooing practice
with their respective series - Gomulicki's Dziary (Raw Tattoos)
and Mirczak's Znaki Specjalne (Special Signs).
While tattooing is usually done with specially crafted tools and
ink in the strictest of hygienic settings, raw or brutal tattoos
are mostly done in situations where professional instruments
are unavailable e.g. in prisons where the art of tattooing
is generally prohibited...