Shezad Dawood- Gabriel Rolt gallery

Cosmic Beach
Shezad Dawood
26 May - 23 June 2012
Gabriel Rolt gallery
Elandsgracht 34
1016 TW-Amsterdam
Shezad Dawood
The use of the filmic technique of montage in the construction of
Shezad Dawood’s (London 1974) paintings points to the various layers
of meaning, history and possibility that embody his practice and
research into the contrapuntal possibilities of fiction.
Syncretism is the combining of different (often contradictory) beliefs,
often while melding practices of various schools of thought,
especially in the theology and mythology of religion.
This idea of the mythology of myth, like a hall of mirrors that
reflects back truth through its multiple angles,
is the framework for Cosmic Beach...