Again I have been born and burned in Auschwitz

Again I have been born and burned in Auschwitz
From my archive 28 Jan 2008:
I have been born and burned in Auschwitz

Sunday 27 January 2008, there was ceremony about Auschwitz.
The ceremony took place in the Wertheimpark in Amsterdam.
The mayor of city Amsterdam in his speech announced that:
“Auschwitz, never again”!
Alas Mr. Mayor, Auschwitz will be till eternity.
Auschwitz has been and shall be everywhere and every-time.
For many people Auschwitz is just as a name.
Because they have only heard or read about it.
But Auschwitz is in my soul and on my shoulders.
Auschwitz is the name of a planet that rotates in the spaces
looking for a chance to grab the flames of the Sun.
God has named this planet as: Auschwitz.
But someone as “Adam” for fun or joke gave it a nickname as “Earth”
Millions years before the birth of “Moses”, I have been born
in Auschwitz and I have been burned there for more than millions times.
My soul and body have been in flame by all the kings, leaders, rulers and presidents!
All of them have got the title as The Great:
Alike: Cyrus The Great, Alexander The Great, Stalin The Great,
Mao The Great, Pinoche The Great, Maccarty The Great,
Chengiz Khan The Great, Napoleon The Great, Khomeini The Great,
Castro The Great, Katherine The Great, Peter The Great, ….
After burning me, they announced that they have followed the God and the Nation!
And always there have been and there are millions of
people who obey the dictators and applause for them!
So the dynasty of those blood thirties will not end.
Again and again I will be born in Auschwitz and
I will be burned for millions and millions times, till eternity!
And this torment never ended!
Rajab Mohamadin
28 Jan 2008